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Welcome to Domiflichi's Turf!
Welcome to Domiflichi's turf. Here you can find out more about me, what a domiflichi is,
and great and up-to-date info on lots of other things. For instance, check out the latest headlines to the right which are straight from PC Magazine's website, and are always fresh. I also have many good links to other kinds of sites that you may be interested in.

And below are the latest news in the Navarro Jr. (Jamie & Rebekah) family:

Successful Instructables posted - 02/12/2010
I posted an Instructable earlier this month, and after being featured on Hack a day, it's been very successful launches - 12/29/2008
I just launched my new website,

1992 Dodge Stealth ES for sale - SOLD! - 10/26/2008
We're selling our 1992 Dodge Stealth (SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD)

B's new car - 04/18/2008
B got a new car

Greatest movie of all time - 07/03/2007
If you want to know what movie I'm talking about, click on.

Oliver The Stud - 09/23/2006
Oliver has a broken bone :(

Wig-Wag Flasher kit for sale - SOLD! - 06/14/2006
I have an unused, Able2 Sho-Me Wig-Wag Flasher Kit for sale (SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD)

More pics of the boys - 02/26/2006
We've got more pics of the boys up

DVD player for sale - SOLD! - 12/29/2005
Brand-new DVD player for sale (SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD)

Car for sale - SOLD - 07/06/2005
PRICE DROP!!! I'm selling a 95 Caprice...a former police vehicle (SORRY, THIS ITEM IS SOLD)

Sony 200 CD Changer for sale - SOLD! - 05/19/2005
I've got a 200 disc changer for sale - SOLD!

New job for Rebekah! - 05/05/2005
New job for Rebekah. Her new employer: USA North

Another new addition to the family! - 05/17/2004
There's another member in our family! Rebekah picked up a little black kitten this afternoon. There was a household who was selling kittens for $20 down the street from where we live.

New job for Jamie! - 04/06/2004
As of Apr. 29, I will no longer be an employee of Cygnus Services Corp. I will be starting work at a company called Specialized Graphics on May 3.

New addition to the family! - 03/07/2004
We have a new addition to the family now! We adopted Oliver at the Antioch Animal Services. He is 1yr, 3mos old, and he is a light orange color. He's a Tabby cat. Come see the pictures! Just click on the heading or on his name in this paragraph.