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Car for sale
It is a 95 Caprice with about 149,000 miles on it. It was originally an Oaklahoma State Police vehicle. Then it was sold to a civilian in Oaklahoma. He had the interior completely redone. A year later he sold it to me and so I've had it for a couple of years now. I'm getting a company truck so don't need this vehicle any longer. It's got a rebuilt GM transmission in it which I had professionaly installed when the old one went out on me. It gets about 18-20 mpg freeway. It's got the police package which includes the 350 engine. It's got power windows, power locks, an upgraded stereo. The AC does not work - the compressor is frozen if I remember right. It's been having some electrical problems which has caused it to die a few times on me and not want to go very far. I took it to an electrical specialist and he had it and fiddled for an hour and a half, and of course nothing happened to him. UPDATE! After talking to a friend he told me I should check/tighten the terminals to the which I did, and ever since then, it's been running with no problems! It leaks a little oil and water coolant...especially when it sits for a while. And just recently, the fuel gauge stopped working. The spotlights on it work, and it's also got a couple of other goodies.

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