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Oliver The Stud
We found out today (9/24/2006) that Oliver has a broken bone. He came home a week from yesterday in the morning from being out all night, trotting into our garage using only three of his legs/paws, where I was working. His paw was swollen up big, and he wouldn't let me touch it or look at it. We didn't want to panic and take him to the vet right away, in case it wasn't a big deal. We thought maybe it was a bug bite or something. As the week went on, the swelling went down, and he finally started using it a little bit. In fact, Wednesday I believe, he started using that paw on his little cat scratcher, and Thursday he started limping a little bit on it when walking. We were still worried though, and wanted to get it checked out, so we took him in. We found he has a complete broken bone in his paw. They put a cast/splint on it and it has to stay on there for 6-8 weeks. The vet said that Oliver is a stud for having this broken bone and doing all the things he's been doing.

Here are some pictures of him with his splint on, and then some ones we took within the last few weeks before he broke his paw.

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