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1992 Dodge Stealth ES for sale
We're selling our baby. :( It is a 1992 Dodge Stealth ES with a 3.0 V6 engine.

The car has about 162k miles on it. It is a 5-speed manual transmission. The tires on it have less than 500 miles I believe. Custom paint job with 'ghost' racing stripes. Custom wheels (as you can probably tell from the photos). The windows and door looks are manual, but when I had the alarm installed, I had them install actuators that actually lock/unlock the doors when arming/disarming the alarm, respectively.

The car has never (since I've owned it) had any major mechanical issues. This car has been my most reliable car yet, and I've gone through a few cars throughout my years of driving.

I recently had the backend suspension reworked as it was making some noises. I am the 2nd owner, and it has been garaged for most of the time I've had it.

It also has a pretty good sound system. Back when I had it all installed, it cost me over $1000. It has an amplifier and a sub-woofer in a custom box in the trunk. You can see both of these in the last picture.

Another little 'goodie' is I installed small blue lights under the dash on the driver side and passenger side, which is controlled by red switches under the stereo (Yes, that is what those are in the 3rd to the last picture).

We have no kids, we do not smoke. I'm asking $2900 OBO for it. I just don't drive it anymore unfortunately.

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