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My Projects
Well, if you are a JW, and are in charge of territories, then this one might interest you. I have recently finished a project I call territory manager. If you are interested in using this program/web application to help you keep track of territories, then contact me

Ever want to be notified of a shared file that is in use without having to try and open it and possibly corrupt it? I wrote a small program that runs on a computer that is sharing files across a network that will watch a file to see if it is opened or not, and notify the client program that it is in use or not. It runs on Windows 98/2000/XP. It's written in Visual Basic 6, and I call it cioisSrv/cioisClt. Contact me if you're interested, it is free of charge.

In Progress
I'm currently working on an ASP/MSSQL-based bulleting board. I'm striving for it to be a rival to the popular PHP-based bulletin boards vBulletin and phpBB. I will keep everyone updated

In Progress
I'm working on a secret project that will revolutionize the web. Ok, so it won't, but I hope for it to some day be a popular site.